If you want to retain control of your financial assets and receive exceptional support, with or without advice, Indosuez Wealth Management is there to help.
With or without advice, as you prefer.

Advisory, supporting your investment choices

If you are interested in finance and want to make your own decisions about your financial assets, but - like any manager - you want to be supported, with global advice, premium research, expert ideas and solutions, and you want your instructions to be executed in the best possible conditions,  then Indosuez Wealth Management's Advisory service is for you.



With this service, you will receive support from our Advisory team and benefit from regular monitoring and analysis of your positions in the markets.
These financial market specialists will share their expert knowledge of the different asset classes (equities, bonds, commodities, and all the corresponding derivative instruments) on the world's main markets.

An investment advisory agreement or mandate facilitates the management of your portfolio.



Our Advisory teams will regularly propose investment strategies and ideas based on our global research and your personal profile and aspirations.  You will also regularly receive targeted publications produced by our teams, reflecting our vision of the markets and providing useful insights to aid you in your investment decisions.


Our Advisors have a direct link to the financial markets around the world and will ensure best-of-breed, accurate, rapid order execution across all time zones from most countries.


Direct Access - trade directly on the markets

Some clients want to trade directly on the markets, with direct access and careful, rapid, accurate execution of their instructions, without being advised.

Indosuez Wealth Management allows them to trade on the listed or OTC equity, bond and derivatives markets in each of our major locations.

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