Our raison d’être

Our approach

Our raison d’être, “Working every day in the interest of our customers and society”, reflects our commitment, guides our actions and gives meaning to our strategy, allowing us to earn and retain our clients’ trust over time.

Projet groupe EN

Our model

Our universal Wealth Management banking model draws on our international dimension, our human-scale structure and our wide range of expertise. It enables us to offer appropriate products and services and deliver value to each and every one of our clients.

We undertake to help our clients achieve their plans while strictly following their aspirations and observing the regulations that govern our business.

Our ambition is to be our clients’ preferred Wealth Management Bank.

Excellence in relationship banking

Your Relationship Managers are your personal partners, nurturing excellence in your banking relations by being close by, easily available and discerning. 

They will work with experts from Indosuez group and Crédit Agricole group to help structure, manage, protect and pass on your wealth, ensuring your needs are met. 

Clients’ interests come first

Putting clients’ interests first is a key part of our vision of the wealth management business and we are firmly committed to this principle.

Our investment philosophy draws on our deep-rooted beliefs. We ensure that our solutions are always right for your interests. Our wide range of products and services is built on an open architecture basis so we can always offer the most appropriate solution.

Client satisfaction is our top priority.

CSR and our human dimension

Our corporate social responsibility and our human dimension are central to our identity and our commitments.

In all our locations and in all aspects of our activity, our approach is based on improvement and constant value creation, taking into account social, environmental and economic concerns as a complement to the initiatives taken by our corporate foundations. Our approach echoes Crédit Agricole Group’s social and environmental policy.

We strive to strengthen our clients’ trust by helping them further their own commitment to society. Green finance is an integral part of our offering. We contribute to our employees’ career development by making sure they remain employable, promoting diversity and improving quality of life in the workplace. 
We actively contribute to the development of the regions in which our offices are located through solidarity-based activities and our support for social entrepreneurship. We strive to limit our direct environmental footprint.