Families and Entrepreneurs

Think about today, prepare for tomorrow

Organise and structure your wealth.

Our approach to fulfilling your ambitions

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your situation and your aspirations, then develop a personalised wealth strategy. We help you implement it as appropriate to your country and in compliance with local regulations. Then, we adapt and revise it in keeping with your evolving expectations, your environment and your geographic situation – including beyond the borders of your country of residence.

Entrepreneurs: seeing in two dimensions

Interests in one or more companies are a key component of your wealth strategy. Our wealth specialists and teams dedicated to supporting company leaders analyse the interactions between your private wealth and your business, then offer comprehensive advice.

Financing solutions to seize new opportunities

Bringing a personal project to fruition, resolving a wealth issue or developing your business requires the support of a trusted partner. Thanks to the strength of the Crédit Agricole group and our own capacity for action, our experts can support you in structuring personalised financing and complex credit solutions.

Wealth organisation and estate planning: a personalised, coordinated approach

Protecting and passing on your wealth can be complicated. Your situation is a combination of economic, social and family interests, sometimes in multiple locations, each with its own legal and tax considerations. The wealth experts at our offices work together to offer you an appropriate solution for organising your wealth.

Insurance: a core component of your wealth organisation

Life insurance is a preferred tool for managing, protecting and passing on your wealth. You can also use it to invest and diversify your assets to your advantage. Depending on your needs, your situation and your place of residence, we advise you to take out policies under French or Luxembourg law.

Manage your assets with expertise and conviction

Our specialised services and innovative offers for diversifying your wealth.

Our investment philosophy and expert support for investing your wealth

Our approach is based on common-sense principles: prudence and risk control, quality and transparency. We strive to ensure that our solutions are always right for your interests. Our approach aims to protect your assets and create value over the long term.

Seizing an investment opportunity at the right time is a question of convictions and of experience with the market and its products. We have developed a full range of scalable services for you.

Our support services to meet your financial goals

With Discretionary Portfolio Management you delegate the management of your investments in line with your goals and the risk you are prepared to accept. You benefit from conviction-based management that is both active and reactive - perfectly attuned to your investor profile and your ambitions across a wide range of mandates.

If you prefer to make your own decisions, our Investment Advisory Service gives you access to personalised recommendations from our experts about the major markets and asset classes.

To supplement your Banker’s support, you will receive our regular publications and, in some locations, direct access to our trading floors.

Access to multiple asset classes and management budgets

You have access to all the traditional asset classes, including equities, bonds, forex, money-market investments and more. You benefit from the experience of our market experts working in our offices.

We offer a comprehensive universe of investment funds, including traditional and alternative investment funds covering all asset classes, some of which are difficult for private investors acting alone to access. They are managed by the Group’s investment management companies or by recognised external managers, rigorously selected on the basis of an open-architecture principle.

To meet your more sophisticated needs, we guide you in the creation and management of bespoke funds. You enjoy direct access to the fund manager so you can accurately monitor the decisions that are made.

A true alternative to traditional financial investments, structured products promote the diversification of your wealth as befits your investment profile. These innovative solutions are comprised of several financial instruments, meaning not only can you generate returns over a given period, but also protect some or all of your invested capital.

You also have the option of accessing the forex market and a selection of derivatives, depending on your investor profile and location.

Our life insurance and endowment policies give you access to a broad and diversified universe made up of vehicles that are rigorously selected and monitored: euro funds, UCIs, structured products, bespoke funds, and more. So, you invest in different asset classes while helping to protect your loved ones and prepare your legacy.

Our solutions for diversifying your wealth and seizing new opportunities

Whether you are searching for an additional income stream, or guided by a desire to diversify your wealth through tangible investments, our exclusive solutions selected by our teams of experts give you those opportunities.

Currencies and precious metals are asset classes decorrelated from other financial investments. However, understanding their volatility and seizing the best opportunities does require real expertise. Our teams will provide you with expert advice to help you get your bearings in this vast market.

To make your investments more entrepreneurial, we will help you build your customised, diversified Private Equity portfolio in keeping with your investment profile. With a history of solid performance, our specialised team gives you the opportunity to access the best medium- and long-term opportunities in these unlisted assets in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Real estate equals wealth and can be an important source of diversification and returns. Whether you want to meet your residential needs or an investment target, our teams can bring Crédit Agricole group’s multiple skill-sets together to support you in your real estate transactions in many locations.

Your artworks and collections are an integral part of your wealth. While often guided by the emotion and passion sparked by the works, these acquisitions can also be excellent investments. Our experts and external partner network can assist you in appraising and managing your artistic assets.

Create meaning

Creating the world of tomorrow, merging public and personal interest.

Get involved, with the support of our Philanthropy experts

Helping to meet the environmental and societal challenges of our time, by innovating and creating a sustainable impact, requires special expertise. We offer you full support – from structuring your philanthropic vehicle to investing. You will benefit from the experience of our own foundations – a vital asset in designing and implementing your project.

Choosing responsible investing and social-impact investing

In an effort to reconcile economic performance with societal impact, we have launched an offer in support of a more sustainable development and a more responsible economy. Thematic management is one of its main components. It is inspired by the major trends that are transforming our societies and economies in the long run, independently of economic cycles and conditions. These include demographic and social shifts, major economic transformations, technological breakthroughs and environmental challenges. To meet the expectations of our clients seeking to create meaning and allow them to benefit from new growth opportunities, we have designed investment approaches which are centred around these themes in our mandates. The aim is also to generate long-term returns through a strategy that complements more traditional ones consisting in allocating by asset class, sector or geographic area.

Find out more in the videos below.

We also propose investments that meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria or create a positive impact.


We apply Crédit Agricole group’s sectoral policies in all our selection and management processes. They are a testament to our drive to integrate civic issues into our business, particularly human rights, climate change and biodiversity conservation.

Our commitment to society produces conclusive and recognised results. Our parent company, Crédit Agricole CIB, received the 2019 "Green Bond Pioneer Award" as the top green bond arranger from the Climate Bonds Initiative, solidifying its global leadership as an arranger of green, socially responsible bonds on the market. Crédit Agricole group is also a leader in financing renewable energy projects in France.

An exceptional experience

Build a close and trusting relationship.

Day-to-day attention

Human relationships are our top priority. Beyond our capacity to orchestrate numerous experiences, our ambition is to listen closely to your needs in order to offer you excellent service and build your trust.

A digitally enriched but resolutely human approach

Our e-banking and mobile app (available in some locations) make it easier to track your assets at any time, anywhere in the world. Our digital solutions extend your relationship of trust with your Wealth Manager.

Accessing the Villages by CA network

We are partners of the Villages by CA, Crédit Agricole group’s business accelerators that bring start-ups and businesses together. Whether you are the head of a start-up or an entrepreneur making innovation the focus of your strategy, we support you in your projects with the help of our experts and dedicated events facilitating networking and innovative discoveries.

Special occasions

Because your concerns, your centres of interest, and your commitments go beyond your wealth, we organise events that allow you to meet, learn from and talk to talented leaders and experts from a broad range of backgrounds.

Publications for exploring, sharing and delving deeper

In our regular publications, we share our experts’ clarifications and convictions. They are primarily dedicated to wealth-related issues and also cover topics to inform your decisions.

A comprehensive network of skills

With our teams to guide you, you have access to all of Crédit Agricole group’s business lines and centres of expertise (Amundi, Corporate & Investment Banking, etc.). You get premium access to extensive skills, services and solutions to meet your needs, no matter how simple or sophisticated they are.