Because Indosuez Wealth Management wants to deliver service excellence, it has a very broad vision of what wealth management entails.
Precision banking, lending, privileged access to our network and opportunities to meet and discuss with our experts - our support extends beyond the usual boundaries.

Precision banking services

Our execution of your transactions needs to be rapid, accurate, and beyond reproach. To achieve this, we have specialised platforms providing efficient, precision banking.

Our efficient custodian and transaction execution frees our clients from day-to-day tasks, while eBanking enables them to directly, conveniently, and securely manage their financial affairs wherever they are in the world.

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Bespoke credit solutions 

Should our clients need to finance a project or leverage their wealth, we are able to set up credit and guarantee facilities in very responsive and imaginative ways. To support private and professional wealth management transactions, we can offer credit facilities in different currencies and hedging solutions to reduce risk. 

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Our network is there for you

Besides our own experts - wealth structuring specialists, investment experts and bankers - who are all available to discuss your needs if you wish, our clients can also access a wider network of support. This includes privileged access to Crédit Agricole Group's other Business Lines, whose expertise, solutions, and services help our clients manage their wealth and beyond…

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Going beyond boundaries

Our teams will also share their insights and ideas that may interest you, beyond the strict boundaries of traditional wealth management services.

Our events and publications program invites clients to meet and listen to experts and network with other investors, professionals, connoisseurs, and leaders in various walks of life and we can even help give further personal meaning to wealth with advice on philanthropy and charitable giving.

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