Even the best investment strategy is worthless if it cannot be applied using high-quality, varied investment solutions.
For this reason, Indosuez Wealth Management has developed three flexible approaches that open the door to a vast range of management and investment opportunities.

Solutions tailored to your degree of involvement

To meet the needs of your investment strategy, Indosuez Wealth Management has developed three management and investment universe.
A first step into personalised wealth management as part of an investment advisory mandate based on a clearly defined selection of products or a turnkey discretionary management mandate.
A targeted investment advisory mandate or a diversified discretionary management mandate adjusted to the profile and personal circumstances.
A proactive investment advisory service or a personalised wealth management approach corresponding to your needs and strategy.
Our Design Unlimited solution to access even more flexibility and personalisation.

Full portfolio diversification possibilities

To allow you to diversify your investment portfolio and to offer an alternative to traditional investments like equities, bonds and funds, Indosuez Wealth Management proposes an array of specialist solutions, including:

These assets, solutions and services are traditionally used over time to protect, grow and pass on enduring wealth. Indosuez Wealth Management, with its experience and the support of its expert partners, in particular within Crédit Agricole Group, will help you with your investment decisions. Its strong convictions mean it may even advise you to avoid any investments that are unclear or imprudent.

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