Our vision of the markets

Indosuez Wealth Management's key strengths include its research and market analysis, which are the foundations of its investment strategies.
With contributions from nearly 400 international experts, we publish premium research available only for our clients or future clients.

Our analysis is the source of our convictions

To fulfil its mission, Indosuez Wealth Management draws on an in-house team of experts who observe and anticipate trends in the global economy and the financial markets. Their analysis is the main source of our investment convictions. 


An integrated network of international experts

Macro-economists, country analysts, and market specialists (equity, bonds, currencies, precious metals, real estate) form an integrated network in 14 different countries covering the world's main financial centres.

They perform fundamental analysis using their in-depth knowledge of the different markets, providing the foundations of our investment strategy. They respond rapidly to developing trends and economic news and can also perform specific market studies at a client's request. 


Covering all wealth management topics

Our research and analysis cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • the macro-economic and financial environment, their overriding trends and outlook
  • wealth structuring, based on our fiscal and legal watch
  • asset allocation, in particular projected yields over the years ahead
  • investment strategies on the different markets.
  • real estate
  • gold, etc.                                                                                           


Sharing our research

We share our experts' insights with our clients based on their areas of interest and the type of information they wish to receive.

Our new app Indosuez Insights is now available to give you easy access to our research.

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We regularly publish economic reports and updates, specialised magazines and newsletters, blogs, video interviews, etc.

We also share the macro-economic research produced by Crédit Agricole Group's economists.

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