If you are invested in one or more businesses, your wealth plans naturally factor in this dimension.
With its wealth specialists, Corporate Finance and complex credit structuring teams,Indosuez Wealth Management can assist you in this area, optimising the relationship between your business assets and your private wealth.

Understanding entrepreneurs and executives

Like you, many of our clients are deeply committed to a business.

The business is often a central part of your personal history and your thoughts, whether you are its founder, executive manager or shareholder, and regardless of its activity, size, development stage, or future plans.

Our Bank's understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit is written into its DNA, dating back to Banque de l’Indochine & Compagnie Financière de Suez. We know that an entrepreneur yet to create a liquidity event has very different needs to a third generation family member, prudently managing inherited family assets. Both look to the future, but through different lenses.

This vision, combined with our solid, dedicated teams, allows Indosuez Wealth Management to factor in the business side of your wealth and to provide support for your business every step of the way.

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Tailored wealth management

Based on the firm foundations of a complete understanding of your needs and the expertise of our in-house Corporate Finance teams, your wealth manageralso supported by wealth structuring and investment experts – will be able to propose a personalized wealth structuring strategy based on our overall vision of your professional and private situation. This strategy will take on board your professional situation so as to optimise your business assets and identify the numerous ways in which they interact with your private wealth.

For entrepreneurs and business executives whose companies are at a development stage or are cornerstones of their wealth strategies, we help to optimize the relationship between your personal and entrepreneurial wealth. This includes various payment flows (shareholder's advances, dividends, options, share buybacks, convertible bonds, etc.) and ways of financing them if necessary. Indosuez Wealth Management also provides support when adjusting the company's capital structure, be it by increasing the client's holding or seeking new investors.

Once wealth is realized from your business, we will help identify wealth management options. Our highly qualified experts then advise on how to best structure your wealth with a view to consolidation, transmission and domestic or international investment strategies.


Full support for corporate executives 

Indosuez Wealth Management covers a wide spectrum of business issues, for example corporate finance:

  • Mergers, disposals or acquisitions
  • Initial public offerings, seeking partners, reclassifying securities
  • Debt structuring, bond issues

We also have the expertise to protect executives, design stock option strategies and advise on the drafting of shareholder agreements, sometimes between different generations of the same family...


Beyond strategic and wealth planning 

We do more than this. Our corporate finance specialists have solid merchant banking experience and can assist by identifying the best market opportunities for a liquidity event and helping prepare and realise it. They will work alongside you throughout the process, monitoring the feasibility of transactions and measuring their impact at both a corporate and wealth management level.

Depending on the type of mandate, we can call on Crédit Agricole Group's specialists, in particular its Corporate and Investment Banking experts (CACIB) and SODICA Corporate Finance for small and medium-sized enterprises. We also have a panel of professionals selected for their expertise in a particular country or business sector.

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