Meeting with Chris Kim, Relationship Manager in Hong Kong

June 11, 2020

Chris Kim

Present your profession and its role within the organisation. What are the main highlights of your business over the year?

I currently work as a Relationship Manager at Indosuez in Hong Kong. I started working as a client servicing officer (CSO) 6 years ago when I relocated to Hong Kong from Korea with my family. During my time as a CSO, my main job was assisting the Relationship Managers with Korean or English speaking clients. 5 years later I was promoted to the position of Account Manager. Now my job is providing asset management advice to clients, executing orders from the clients, expanding relationship with old and new clients.


What is your professional background? How did you manage your different career developments?

After graduating from business school, I worked for a system integration company as a CRM specialist in the finance industry, practicing how to apply information as a tool to generate benefit to the company and the client. After I gave birth to my first son, I helped my father’s trading business for 2 years, then went to US to study Graduate school. I took a few years break from the work until my second child became 4 years old. At that time my family moved to Hong Kong. I decided to look for a career where I could use of my experience and skills. This is how I started my experience with Indosuez Wealth Management.


Was being a woman an asset or a handicap in your career? How do you manage your personal and professional life?

Having a nice career is challenging, especially in Asia. We need support from the family, the community and colleagues to succeed in our professional and personal life. Personal commitment and perseverance are important to overcome the challenges; however, I also believe that the public system and company culture also play a big part. I truly appreciate the bank management and my line manager who provide equal opportunity and support talents in the bank.


How do you view the company's evolution in terms of gender diversity? In concrete terms, what initiatives do you and your teams take on a daily basis to make progress on the subject of gender diversity?

I believe diversity is important because it allows for different perspectives and more sophisticated approach which can add to the overall capabilities of the bank. I am proud that the bank supports gender diversity and accepts innovative measures to move forward. I am happy to see women in senior management positions and set good examples.


What advice would you give to the younger generations?

We are living in a world that is rapidly changing. There are many opportunities that can be yours when you are ready to take hold of it. Be yourself but live TOGETHER by celebrating individual differences and diversity. I would have never become myself without the people around me.

June 11, 2020

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