Indosuez’s Innovation Lab, a place for sharing and co-creation

October 05, 2020

Indosuez | Innovation | Lab

In order to accelerate the bank's digital transformation process, initiated as part of its Crescendo 2022 corporate project, Indosuez Wealth Management group now welcomes its employees, clients and partners in a dedicated place: the Innovation Lab.

Through this space devoted to innovation and located in Paris at the heart of Crédit Agricole's startup ecosystem, Indosuez Wealth Management is addressing three challenges:

  • Learning & understanding: acculturating Indosuez employees to the digital world through the organisation of training sessions and conferences;
  • Experimenting & achieving: accelerating the transition from idea to project with a multidisciplinary and autonomous team;
  • Welcoming & collecting: by creating a showroom of ideas, to involve clients and prospects in the process of creating and developing digital tools and testing the implemented solutions directly with them.

"The aim of the Innovation Lab is to accelerate digital transformation within Indosuez. Its purpose is to involve our clients in the development process of new products in order to meet their expectations even better." Sabrina Sedoud, Indosuez group Chief Innovation Officer.

October 05, 2020

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